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Continual Improvement System
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Phone: (865) 310-2973

Approach to Client Engagement

Every business engagement is based on the following:

  • A focus on your business goals, the current state of your continual improvement activities and the opportunities for the future.
  • Forming a partnership with your business to achieve those goals.
  • All consulting, training, coaching and facilitating activities are customized for each client’s situation and are:
    • Designed to equip your employees with knowledge and skills and the ability to apply them successfully in your environment.
    • Oriented to practicing on the front line of your business and not just classroom exercises.
    • Focused on developing an ability to present and communicate results that are clear and easy to understand by everyone.
    • Supported by regular coaching and mentoring to assure your employees are ready to “fly on their own.”
  • A recognition that most employees want to do a good job, have many ideas and skills to offer the company and deserve to be treated with respect.