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Work Experience

Dr. Sophronia (Frony) Ward, President of Pinnacle Partners East, LLC, is a statistician and Continual Improvement Expert.  She specializes in Six Sigma, Lean Six Sigma, and Statistical Process Control training, consulting, coaching and facilitating.

  • Basing her approach upon the philosophy, insights, and methodologies created by Walter A. Shewhart and W. Edwards Deming, Dr. Ward has 35 years experience applying statistical methods to management, production, service, and research areas.  Working with all levels of an organization, she has consulted with numerous automotive, government, glass, chemical, paint, healthcare, telecommunications, insurance, and food companies in the implementation of quality management and tools for continual improvement.
    • Including specifically in the USA:  American Fidelity, Anchor Glass Container Corporation, BellSouth, Buick Engine, Corning Glass, Dow Chemical, Emerson Commercial and Residential Solutions, Ford EED and Ford Glass, Gallo Glass, Gallo Winery, Gold’n Plump, Harley Davidson, IBM Corporation, IRS, Kraft Foods, Metzeler Automotive Profile Systems, NASA, Nestle Purina, Novant Healthcare, PPG, Scripps Health, and Social Security Administration.
    • In addition to her classes in the United States, she has taught classes and provided consulting services in Australia, Canada, Chile, Germany, Mexico, South Africa, Thailand, and Venezuela to include Telstra, Dow Chemical, Disputada, Klockner Pentaplast, Vitro Envases, IMSS, BHP Billiton, Emerson, and Lagoven.
    • She currently is or has provided training and coaching for Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma in over 50 different companies in 5 countries.  She has trained Black Belts, Green Belts and Master Black Belts in both manufacturing industries (to include transactional areas) and in service industries.  A recent group of twenty Lean Six Sigma Black Belts who received her training and coaching on their first projects showed cumulative bottom- and top-line results of over $20 million on their first pilot Six Sigma projects!
  • Dr. Ward has developed the popular workshop and workbook, SPC:  Getting Started and co-developed the curriculum and course materials for the seminar, Perfecting Continual Improvement Skills.  She has designed the popular SPC software package, improvit.